WS Interactive joins EACC Southwest France for a transatlantic edge

Leading digital and web agency WS Interactive with headquarters in Toulouse is looking to boost French business in the US, as it joins the EACC Southwest as a corporate member. 

It’s no surprise that WS Interactive founder and CEO Alex McCardell is also co-president of EACC Southwest France.  McCardell, a Florida native, moved to Toulouse where he opened WS Interactive in 1997.  Along the way, he became a French citizen and developed strong ties in the region, landing big clients such as Airbus and joining several associations.

Now WS Interactive wants to help French companies aiming to expand business in the American market.

“We joined the EACC Southwest because it gives us instant access to an extensive network of companies and professionals across the Atlantic that you can trust,” said McCardell.  

Since the US is a large country and a tough market, WS Interactive will take advantage of the EACC’s clout with chapters in major markets such as Miami, Cincinnati and New York. 

“We’re always looking for opportunities to grow.  And we cater to small business aiming to penetrate the American market,” said McCardell.  

WS Interactive’s clients span a range of industries including businesses such as Aréa, in modern furniture design, and PMV Groupe, in aviation, as well as institutions Office de Tourisme Lourdes and the County of Aveyron.   

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