TBS and EACC Southwest team up for marketing project

The Toulouse Business School’s (TBS) MSc, Marketing Management and Communication program and the EACC Southwest kicked off a marketing project that involves over 60 students and will run through March. The goal is to come up with concrete marketing plans to expand the EACC’s network in southwest France and increase visibility.

“TBS is one of the most renowned business schools in the region, said Alex McCardell, EACC Southwest co-president. “Partnering with them allows us to meet talented young business people.”

It was late in the summer when the TBS Marketing Management program approached the EACC Southwest for a professional project. The timing was perfect as the EACC Southwest was making plans for a push to expand its footprint.

EACC Southwest came back with a proposal to bolster the nascent chapter. Students would asses the market situation for companies from Bordeaux to Montpellier, especially during a pandemic, and identify actors with a transatlantic inclination. In the ultimate phase, students would develop marketing campaigns targeting eight sectors: wine, aerospace and defense, professional services, institutions, tourism, women in leadership, healthcare and digital and French tech.

TBS Marketing Masters program

“It sounded like a challenging opportunity for the students for them to have a real concept of what French businesses are like and to have contact with different sectors,” said Tiffany Kim, program manager for Msc Programs at TBS. “It’s a good opportunity to see how trade and commerce work.”

Getting all 64 students in a business project, with little time to organize, was a daunting task. But the EACC found some willing and able experts.

The project pairs up second year master’s students with mentors that run the gamut–a life coach, an author, a healthcare innovator, wine experts, a polyglot executive search consultant and a seasoned defense expert and ex-colonel who commanded a regiment of parachutists. To boot, the entire EACC Southwest board was enlisted.

“It’s good to have so much diversity because it enriches their experience,” said Kim.
She is hoping that students take advantage of the potential networking possibilities by working with EACC and make contacts in their respective sectors.

“Living in the world of COVID-19 work is always precarious and it will be more so in the coming months or years,” said Kim. “[With this project] they will have a little more knowledge of companies and their vulnerabilities because of the pandemic.

The EACC Southwest is a local chamber of commerce with a transatlantic and European reach. Its mission is to trigger business opportunities for its members, encourage transatlantic and European trade, and spur investment in regional projects. Members connect and exchange through networking events. The EACC provides relevant and strategic programming to help members grow.

Among the mentors, they include: