In this Task Force, we will be pursuing three main venues:

  • International taxation and Corporate Finance (of which instruments)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Funding/ fundraising

Supporting this Task Force, our dedicated services will allow you to set up concrete steps to improve and grow your business.

Our actions could be conducive to changes both within and outside of the workplace, namely with institutional stakeholders and legislators.

We will be partnering with various financial institutions and services providers both in Europe and in the USA.

Upcoming events include:

  • Thu
    16 h 00 minWebinar

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    We will bring together Lucinda Creighton, CEO, Vulcan Consulting and EU Trade Expert and Doug Lippoldt, Chief Trade Economist, HSBC for a fire-side chat moderated by John Foley of Reuters News to discuss: The impact on transatlantic trade both in the EU and US, Short term impact on multifaceted supply chains; Supply chain de-risking measures; globalization measures; the pandemics  impact on flow of services.

    Join us for a program on Trans-Atlantic trade, how it is affected by Covic19 and how Trade will change going forward. The panelists will discuss issue such as:

    ● The economic impact on both the EU and US
    ● Short term impact on multifaceted supply chains as the pandemic continues
    ● Supply chain de-risking measures
    ● Will there be a trend towards domestic champions, if so which industries are most likely effect and will there be opportunity for investment & growth?
    ● What will be the effects of the drastic measures take in the EU on the single markets
    ● What can businesses do in response to continuing policy and economic turbulence?
    ● The impact on flow of services - e.g. in education (Chinese students etc), financial services, tourism etc.
    ● Will this present opportunities for greater EU/US collaboration to accelerate alternatives to Chinese technologies or will both continents go it alone?

    We will also explore the fact that the US and EU have tremendous market scale and maintain elements of shared business culture and openness. Only three other markets globally are of USD5 trillion or greater: China, Japan and CPTPP, and ASEAN. Are there gains to be had from removing specific impediments to trade on the EU-US trade corridor?

    This is a discussion you don’t want to miss!


    ●  Lucinda Creighton, Chief Executive Officer, VULCAN CONSULTING Ltd.
    ●  Doug Lippoldt, Chief Trade Economist, HSBC
    ●  John Sinclair Foley, U.S. editor, REUTERS BREAKINGVIEWS [Moderator]

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  • Wed
    16 h 00 minWebinar

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    In this current pandemic, more and more businesses transactions are being taken online. When selling goods or services into the United States, you may have to collect sales tax for that transaction in each state your client resides.

    No longer do you need to have a physical presence - or “nexus” - in the U.S. to be sales tax obligatory. It all started with the U.S. Supreme Court decision South Dakota v. Wayfair on June 21, 2018. The so called Wayfair Decision allows states to mandate that businesses with more than 200 transactions or $100,000 in-state sales, collect and remit sales taxes on transactions in the state, whether the business has a physical presence in the state or not. The new law rather allows the state to tax businesses based on the customer’s location and the amount of sales, not the location of the business.

    Many states followed South Dakota, resulting in a collection of similar but at the same time wildly varying tax laws apply and doing business in the U.S. all of a sudden feels like doing business in “50 different countries”.

    Topics to be addressed in this webinar:
    ● What EU exporters selling into the U.S. need to know about inter-state sales tax?
    ● Who is subject to Wayfair Tax and what level of activity is required to subject a company to sales/use tax?
    ● How is this being enforced and how does the future look like?
    ● What Types of Transactions are being taxed and how do U.S. States differentiate?
    ● Are there any issues Specific to European Companies?
    ● What you need to know about the details (who is subject to the tax, Filing and Remittance, concrete responsibilities, penalties, red flags?
    ● What rights do businesses have state by state?
    ● What is the impact of Brexit?
    ● What you need to know to plan ahead?

    This EACC Chapter wide webinar will explain what the U.S.  Wayfair Decision means for European businesses in the United States and how the legislation affects businesses across the country.

    ●  Betsy Gillon, Managing Member, GILLON TAX
    ●  Jared Johnson, Principal, OFFIT KURMAN

Past events include:

Event Information:

  • Thu

    Prix de transfert : entre durcissement des réglementations et l'accroissement des règles de transparence

    9h à 11hHôtel Mercure Toulouse Saint Georges situé Rue Saint Jérôme 31000 Toulouse

    PwC Société d'Avocats Toulouse a le plaisir de vous convier à une matinée fiscale dédiée aux prix de transfert.

    Cette conférence sera l'occasion d'échanger sur le durcissement des réglementations et l'accroissement des règles de transparence.

    Nous évoquerons les questions suivantes :
    1.Comment documenter efficacement vos prix de transfert ?
    2.Quelles sont les tendances actuelles des contrôles fiscaux ?
    3.Quel traitement accorder aux transactions financières ?
    4.Comment anticiper les évolutions réglementaires attendues (Pillar 1) ?

    Marie-Laure Hublot et Moïne Bechini, avocats chez PwC Société d'Avocats et experts en prix de transfert, seront ravis de vous accueillir et d'animer la matinée.

    Pour vous inscrire, voici le bulletin d'inscription .