In this Task Force, we will be pursuing three main venues:

  • International taxation and Corporate Finance (of which instruments)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Funding/ fundraising

Supporting this Task Force, our dedicated services will allow you to set up concrete steps to improve and grow your business.

Our actions could be conducive to changes both within and outside of the workplace, namely with institutional stakeholders and legislators.

We will be partnering with various financial institutions and services providers both in Europe and in the USA.

Upcoming events include:

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Past events include:

  • Thu
    16 h 00 minOnline

    The decisive victory of Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party in the December 12 UK Elections seems to guarantee prompt passage of Johnson’s renegotiated Withdrawal Agreement from the EU, but many other things remain uncertain: Can the UK and the EU negotiate a workable trade agreement in less than a year? Does the surge in support for the Scottish National Party mean another run at Scottish independence? When will the US and the UK start trade negotiations? And how are financial markets pricing all this?

    Our experts will offer thoughts from three perspectives — the UK with Richard Eccles, the EU with Thaima Samman, and the US with Marc Chandler.

    This webinar is only available for current EACC members. (Thursday, January 23, 16:00 French time)

    If you wish to register, please follow this link: