Task Forces

We run several Task Forces to strengthen local awareness on specific subjects and gain expertise.

HR & Talent

This Task Force is dedicated to the promotion and development of talent in the firm, along with diversity, HR management tools and methods, and efficient human organizations. We can contribute to and support your HR and human capital needs and challenges.

Growing Action Women

Our goal is to increase exchanges and provide support to women in terms of skills, salary, leadership or work-life balance, and by giving women effective tools to reach their professional goals and full potential. GAW organizes monthly events.


Supporting this Task Force, our services will allow you to set up concrete steps to improve and grow your business.

Our actions could be conducive to changes both within and outside of the workplace, namely with institutional stakeholders and legislators.


We will focus on all things digital that impact our daily lives be it as a consumer or as a professional. We will be partnering with other associations to provide in-depth discussions and conferences on the digital environment within an international community.


An informal and relaxed gathering of individuals, with some festive initiatives like contests, speakers, guests and gifts.