We provide dedicated workshops to have a hands-on approach to a concrete deliverable in a short time-span. At these workshops we will channel your energy to accomplish a lot in that time frame. They are an interesting complement or preliminary to some of our Executive Education packages.

Upcoming events include:

  • Tue
    16 h 00 minWebinar


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    The coronavirus pandemic is impacting companies around the world and causing major concern about supply chain disruption. Companies are being forced to prepare for unforeseen events, mobilize rapidly and set up crisis-management mechanisms.

    Topics to be covered in this webinar:
    • Sourcing globally and disruptions to supply chains during the pandemic
    o What happens when a market shuts down?
    • Supply chain logistics
    o Logistical issues (container contamination/fight restrictions/harbor closures)
    o Technology solutions to help plan ahead
    • US tariffs on products of the EU and China
    o Sanctions/tariffs for emergency supplies
    • Intersection of US trade policy and the pandemic

    ● Laura Siegel Rabinowitz, Partner, Greenberg Traurig
    ● Didier Vanderperre, VP Operations, Clasquin
    ● Additional panelists to be announced

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  • Thu
    9h à 11hHôtel Mercure Toulouse Saint Georges situé Rue Saint Jérôme 31000 Toulouse

    PwC Société d'Avocats Toulouse a le plaisir de vous convier à une matinée fiscale dédiée aux prix de transfert.

    Cette conférence sera l'occasion d'échanger sur le durcissement des réglementations et l'accroissement des règles de transparence.

    Nous évoquerons les questions suivantes :
    1.Comment documenter efficacement vos prix de transfert ?
    2.Quelles sont les tendances actuelles des contrôles fiscaux ?
    3.Quel traitement accorder aux transactions financières ?
    4.Comment anticiper les évolutions réglementaires attendues (Pillar 1) ?

    Marie-Laure Hublot et Moïne Bechini, avocats chez PwC Société d'Avocats et experts en prix de transfert, seront ravis de vous accueillir et d'animer la matinée.

    Pour vous inscrire, voici le bulletin d'inscription .

Past events include:

Event Information:

  • Tue

    Finding a job in France / Setting up a business in France as an American

    18 h 30 minMaison des Associations, 3 Place Guy Hersant, 31031 Toulouse (metro Empalot or St Agne)

    This unique presentation offers valuable insight to Americans on how to hit the job market in France. It will also look at the challenges if you go the entrepreneurial route.  The event is coordinated between the EACC Southwest and France États-Unis (FEU).

    Laura Campbell, FEU President, will provide tips on contacting a French company for a job and will address cultural differences. Marc Raynal, EACC Secretary, will give interview advice and highlight successful approaches with tailored resumes and cover letters for the French market. Leandro De Sa, EACC President, considers the French upsides and opportunities for the brave and eager American entrepreneur. He will cover:

    • Differences in risk taking, the entrepreneurial culture and perception of failure
    • The Legal framework for SMEs and regular corporations
    • Financing in France

    Online registration is required for the event. The event is free for members (EACC and France États-Unis) and 5 euros for non-members.

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