Making the most of teleworking: From crisis mode to a sustainable workplace

Making the most of teleworking: From crisis mode to a sustainable workplace

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Teleworking struggled to take off in France–a revolution slow in the making. Detractors pointed to its numerous downsides: a loss of social ties, encroachment on private life, weakening of the employer’s control, etc.

But with the pandemic, teleworking emerged as THE solution to maintaining business activity. According to polls, many employees thrust into teleworking, are ready to take the plunge for the longer term.

While the workforce ditched the office space for the remote office in record time, the imposed setting, will not last forever. In order for a company and its employees to be profitable, clear rules must be framed around this new way of working, while scrapping its improvised, haphazard qualities:

  • • What are the right conditions for a remote work setup?

  • • How do you change the corporate culture to embrace and integrate teleworking?

  • • How to encourage the proper reflexes for sustainable teleworking?

  • • What are the managerial challenges to teleworking?

  • • What are the consequences and risks of teleworking for companies?

  • • What are the rights and duties of employees in teleworking?

Presented by:

● Séverine Martel, associate lawyer at Reed Smith LLP, Paris

● Jeanine Roncati, HR consultant, an expert in telework implementation, co-author of the book “Telework for dummies”

● David Ashmore, associate lawyer at Reed Smith LLP, London

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25 June, 2020 @ 17:00


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