About EACCSW France

EACCSW France is a private association with the mission to develop and promote trade and business between Europe and the USA.

The European American Chamber of Commerce (EACC) is a dynamic network of transatlantic business executives with affiliates in Toulouse / Bordeaux / Montpellier, Paris, Lyon, New York, Cincinnati, the Carolinas and Princeton with a combined membership of about 750 member companies in Europe and the USA.

EACC Southwest (EACCSW) France federates European subsidiaries of US companies and European companies operating in the USA. The association is anchored in the southwest of France ecosystem to jointly support its development.

With our comprehensive approach of not only supporting local but international projects, we provide an extensive network of partners and customers in Europe and the USA. This includes a legal and financial network for business creation, merger, acquisition, fundraising and business development. We offer conferences, trainings, workshops and services.

Through our Task Forces, we contribute and support your business development in specialized areas that are relevant and meaningful to you.

Everyone at the EACCSW France deeply cares for your development and the health of your business.

EACCSW European-American Chamber of Commerce Southwest France

InSitu Business Center Toulouse
5 Rue du Professeur Pierre Vellas
Bâtiment B6 Syrius - CS 93076
31025 Toulouse Cedex 03