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Latest News

WS Interactive joins EACC Southwest France for a transatlantic edge

Leading digital and web agency WS Interactive with headquarters in Toulouse is looking to boost French business in the US, as it joins the EACC Southwest as a corporate member.  It’s no surprise that WS Interactive founder and CEO Alex McCardell is also co-president of EACC Southwest France.  McCardell, a Florida native, moved to Toulouse

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2020: The executive shuffle and coming events

The dawn of the 2020s marks a new beginning for EACC Southwest, with plans to drive ahead and expand activities. We have an official new ‘bureau’ and some exciting events lined up. As co-presidents, Leandro De Sa and Alex McCardell, complement each other. Their skill sets and experiences are a perfect fit to lead us

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Françoise Estrier on Managerial Courage

Françoise Estrier never thought about becoming a manager. Yet, here she was, captivating an audience about her journey to becoming Senior Manager at the Pôle Bioligie of CHU (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire) in Toulouse. She spoke of “managerial courage” to a packed house at WS Interactive on Thursday, February 6, 2020. Lydie Lasserre of the Growing

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EACC offers several membership types according to your structure. Become a part of a growing international network. We help SouthWest France businesses through:

  • Networking and visibility,
  • Conferences and expert events,
  • Knowledge sharing and connecting people across the Atlantic.