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Françoise Estrier on Managerial Courage

Leandro De Sa, Françoise Estrier and Lydie Lasserre. Françoise Estrier never thought about becoming a manager. Yet, here she was, captivating an audience about her journey to becoming Senior Manager at the Pôle Bioligie of CHU (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire) in Toulouse. She spoke of “managerial courage” to a packed house at WS Interactive on Thursday, February 6, 2020. Lydie Lasserre of the Growing Action Committee organized the event. Estrier started as a lab technician. As the eldest of four, Estrier is tenacious and committed. These qualities translate to high standards and commitment in healthcare. Early on,...

2020: The executive shuffle and coming events

The dawn of the 2020s marks a new beginning for EACC Southwest, with plans to drive ahead and expand activities. We have an official new ‘bureau’ and some exciting events lined up. As co-presidents, Leandro De Sa and Alex McCardell, complement each other. Their skill sets and experiences are a perfect fit to lead us into the new decade. Marc Reynal, our secret weapon, is the secretary and head of HR task force. As executive director, Nick Abadjian’s role will be to help develop the network and manage events. We are happy to welcome Lydie Laserre, the new head of...

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